Tony Winn – The Mermaid


Tony Winn’s great song The Mermaid is featured in our anthology, which you can buy online. He’ll also be performing it at our launch party this Saturday:




I don’t want to sit on this rock for ever
I can’t get to sleep on the sea bed
My complexion has been ruined by salt water
And who wants seaweed – all over her head

she prays for the day when a bold sea captain
will be lured by her mystical charms
and his ship will be wrecked on the rocks below
and the tide will bear him to her arms
but these days sailors are better educated
and they don’t believe in mythical sights
and they know that the sound of the mermaid’s song
is just the wind in the night

there was a time long ago when it was easy pickings
and you just had to hum a little tune
and a thousand sails would appear on the horizon
reflecting the beams of the moon
but these days ships are different
and they’re powered by the diesel engine
and you can’t hear the sound of the mermaids song
above the din of the piston thumping

one day she was sitting on her usual rock
with her tail stretched out in the sun
when a sailing yacht hove into view
she lifted up her head and sung
and the ship hit the rocks & the wind tore her sail
and the sailor was clinging to the wheel
and she knew that if once her eyes met his
his heart she would surely steal
but then a noise she heard
like a chopping sound in the air
and a rope came down and the sailor went up
air sea rescue – it just isn’t fair.


Essex man Tony Winn writes and performs his own songs and poems in a variety of styles covering all aspects of life, love , the universe and whatever else there is or may be!! An actor and member of a number of groups he also performs his one-man-show “Singing in the Bath” – Visit his world at