Fish Tails II

Some more photographs of tights, continuing the sinews and limbs theme. I have learnt that it’s quite hard to take effective photographs of one’s own knees. I’ve been looking into making these into line drawings (see the Gallery) and am going to create a little series on a theme.

Writing poems underwater

To start the project off we will be visiting three locations – a shrine, the site of a merman’s capture, and the place where two rivers once got married – and creating poetry and art work based on this. We’ll also be posting about mermaid-related things, as well as showcasing a few modern poetry and other fiction books to do with the sea. If you would like us to review your book  please get in touch with us! We hope this inspires you to get started with your own contributions!

Please visit the ‘about‘ page to learn more about the rationale behind the project, and its authors.