The contributors to the anthology, Lines Underwater, have dealt with the figure of the mermaid in the twenty first century in so many exciting ways, from formal sestinas and concrete poems to gorgeous sculptures and postcards from taxidermists’ subjects. Mermaids appear in Lines Underwater in a strange and wonderful set of situations, for example social media, metro stations, ancient carvings, and military swimming pools.

The anthology will be launched in September, and we’ll be posting some more things that the contributors have written, painted, and made over the next few months.

3 Comments on “Contributors”

  1. June Palmer says:

    I have only just found out about this page and have missed the deadline to contribute by 2 days! Damn! Have recently written a poem which would fit the bill – will there be any more opportunities?

    • laurafseymour says:

      Hi June, Oh no, we’re so sorry to hear that! This is a standalone project at the moment, so we’re not sure that we’ll be putting together more than this one anthology, but we do wish you luck in sending your poem off to other places. We’d love to read your poem anyway though, out of interest (as, in case you had not guessed, we love mermaids!)!

  2. June Palmer says:

    Hi Laura – I have sent it by e amil in a word document. Hope you find it interesting!

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