Who we are

LOVELaura Seymour

Laura wrote the words for this blog. She is really looking forward to seeing poems and visual responses to the theme of the mermaid from poets, writers, and artists and marvels at Kirsten’s ability at all things writerly, artistic, and technological.

Her poems have appeared in various journals. Her book ‘The Shark Cage’ won the Cinnamon Press debut poetry collection prize, and is forthcoming from Cinnamon Press in 2015.

If any photo on this website is a little bit wonky, it is probably hers.

She is @LauraFSeymour on Twitter

Kirsten TamblingKirsten Tambling

Kirsten draws, writes and takes photos a bit obsessively – she’ll be doing all three for the good of Poems Underwater.

Her normal topic stalwarts are eighteenth-century rakes, feminism, sea creatures, history and pop culture (find her here or blogging as ‘Hodge’ on Bad Reputation).

For this project, she is CIC drawings, photos and website.

She’s @otherplications on Twitter.


Poems poet poetry

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